We are Australia’s premier online supplier of Kettlebells

We are Australia’s premier online supplier of Kettlebells2018-03-07T11:48:59+00:00

We have a complete range of Kettlebells for the novice through to the professional!

Looking for new ways to improve strength, endurance, and physique? Or are you an experienced Kettlebell lifter in need of more Kettle Bells?  Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

At The Kettlebell Shop, we only sell Kettlebells!

Kettlebells are traditionally a Russian exercise tool, used to improve strength and, endurance, as well as agility and balance. Kettlebells are quickly growing in popularity in Western countries such as Australia, as people begin to realise the potential of the Kettlebell as a workout tool. Most kettlebells are made from cast iron, with a handle that allows the kettlebell to be lifted from the ground and repositioned easily. Anyone interested in fitness can use Kettlebells, from mixed martial artists to bodybuilders, and even mum and dad looking for a little extra strength and fitness. The Kettlebell Shop supplies a range of sizes in high-quality Kettlebells as well as Kettlebell storage racks which are ideal for storing multiple weight kettlebells.